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Keene Karaoke Idol 2006 Round 4

1 – she’s something else alright
2 – i love to see her tap dance to that song

Karaoke Idol

QT on “Idol”

1 – QT you really think your it ? HA HA fucking fruit cake sugar foot fag ,no matter how many crappy movies you make !
2 – is it just me or does QT look like he’s 3ft taller than everyone else when hes sat down
3 – Wow.
Fuck off loser.
He’s an LEGEND.
Watch some of his movie to see how much accomplshed and how much of a awsome writer he is
4 – You all need to grow up! How old are you i remember saying all that shit when i was in like fourth to eighth grade. QT is into art mostly film but art. He is good at maing films he loves music i’m sure he can critique singing which isnt hard to do unless your deaf and blind because he critiqued their performance as well so onetrashdancer and briancampise stop seriously shit talk is for junior high are you two in junior high??? thanks :) and i think his shirt kicks ass!
5 – He hasn’t either bitch ,also learn how to spell ,what the fuck is batter ?
6 – onetrashdancer … i wanna see 1 film from u that is batter than tarrantinos…ooo .. thats right ur a nobody
7 – Wish it’d be nice if the ninja from Ask A Ninja also guest-starred as one of the judges too, don’t you think? :)
8 – i will fuck you up you little cuntcake
9 – Love for you to try ,bitch , see how tough you are if you met me ,fucking brown nosing a fruit cake derby tickler ….
10 – i oughta rip your balls off and shove them up your ass
11 – QT you even sound like a skippy ass homo ,some balls thinking you can judge singers some balls for a fruit cake !
12 – Quentin is hilarious. I love his weirdness and genius.
13 – QT love the necklace HA HA and the shirt ,you skippy bald headed bitch dick loving sissy mary
14 – Bravo=tarantino approves
15 – What balls to come on this fruit cake show ,QT you big ass sissy mary ,taking up the ass fruit cake ,you big motha fucking sell out bitch ,also stop laughing at your shitty jokes , QT I have ONE WORD FOR YOU QUEEN !
16 – alright….alright…alright…….
17 – You can’t speeeeelllllllllllll ASS WIPE !
18 – “alright~?”
19 – you duuumb
20 – fuck you
21 – QT a man? the homo sucks dicks , how the fuck could you call him a man ? fucking fruit cake sissy mary , more like !
22 – quentin is the mothafuckin man!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 – Tarantino = Murderous homosexual.
24 – quentin – master
25 – is it just me or does cowell look pissed at everything tarrantinos saying lol

Production number of World of Fun Videoke Idol 2008

PNS American Idol Karaoke

1 – Work dem glasses, Patty!
2 – Lmfao. XD
3 – More Cher!!!!! Whoa, babes!
4 – I’m gonna have to buy that game now! lol
5 – omg lol you guys are funny hahaha
6 – The best part was where Noah and Devin were loosing it behind Patrick when he was being possessed by the spirit of Gladys Night, too soon.
7 – I love how you all can sing well but you sing terribly on the game! It’s so fierce!
8 – That is funny shit!!
9 – u smell like fagot!
10 – are you three lovers
11 – Love it, you guys rock
12 – Loves it.


13 – Madonna would be rolling in her grave. Oh – too soon!
14 – Madonna would be rolling in her grave. Oh – too soon!
15 – Do you get extra points for dancing/erratic movement?
16 – Only the PNS can turn something so plain as Wii Karaoke into something so fabulous as a shrill cast complete with strategically placed sound effects and ME! CHER!
17 – WHOA! Why haven’t we gotten to see more of Devin? He looks pretty good, and what’s Noah’s Tattoo?
18 – Breathtaking. Bravo! Bravo! ENCORE!
19 – My God! Stunning!!
20 – Amazing! And a clean-shaven Noah to boot!
21 – So funny. Patrick’s solo was truly amazing. AUDITIONS Idol Search Season 5 *YouTube Idol* American Idol Singing Competition

1 – can yhu enter if yhur frm ireland ?
i wanna enterr 😛
Will yhu msg me when ther is new auditions ??
Thankkkss :) x
2 – I have a quick question, is it still open?
3 – im going to subscribe to u only if u message me telling me u will notify me of when your new auditions are.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE because I LOVE TO SING
4 – How do you enter, I can’t find the post video icon ????
5 – kind of strange… but a really cool idea! 😛 😀 :)
6 – Is it too late for me to enter?
7 – Hi Cree! I have an awsome video for idol search season 5 but I have no idea how to upload it! I’ll try my best to find out how but if I can’t please see my video on my account! Thank you so much! Wes ( -;=
8 – It is too late to enter Season 5 but Season 6 starts in 7 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!! Keep checking back to learn more!
9 – You may not enter Idol Search if you are from another country! You may ,however, enter INTERNATIONAL IDOL SEARCH!!!!

International Idol Search is also run by Cree Ingles! Check out her page for more info concerning Cree Ingles’ International Idol Search!

10 – I mean from south America ??
11 – Is it possible to entry the competition if you’re from another country? =)
12 – Yeah, is it too late to enter now?
13 – is it to late???
14 – is it to late to enter?
15 – hey ppl audition to my youtube idol
oh and creeingles , i did not try to copy you , i thought of it but did not know anybody else thought of it too
16 – how do i ndo a video response, i would like to join the competition.
17 – paste this to 2 other videos

go to your channel and see your comments

(omg I was SHOCKED when I saw my comments

18 – paste this to 2 other videos

go to your channel and see your comments

(omg I was SHOCKED when I saw my comments

19 – I vote for Careem Brown music!!!!!
20 – I want to join the contest but I think I’m late now. I think I need to wait for the next season of this contest. Thanks
21 – Go Chaless………yay
22 – theres no spot to put a response, is there an email I can send my video to? or is it too late?
23 – Is it too late to enter ??
24 – Is it to late To Enter … i have only just found out about this and im sure i can do well … please can you let me know thank you ~Angel~
25 – hi!!!!!!!!!!!
i have a question: i realy , realy want to be on cree ingles idol search but i have a problem , i don’t live on the u.s.a i live in mexico and… i want to know if that’s a problem i know that i have to wait for season 6 but i want to know if there’s any problem .
thank you very very very much!!!!!


the idea of you tube idol search is amazing congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cree Ingles Idol Top 13 Round Geno1960 sings Mack the knife

1 – Extraordinary singing awesome song to, Bobby Darin would be impressed.
2 – nice! do you think you can help me with the mp3 karaoke track of mack the knife you used?? i have been looking for it like crazy
3 – Diggin the suit man! Nice job! I love your classic look as well.
4 – Thank you. Im glad you liked it
5 – That line forms on the right babe! Awesome Job!
6 – Thank you
7 – Hey!!
Wowziies,, you are great!!!


8 – Thanks for forwarding. Geno got it going on!
9 – Keep it up Geno! I am glad you enjoy singing. And know also that it is a lot of fun listening too. (I never try to figure out Cree’s voting system) You win Geno in my book.
10 – The Talent of this man never ends. We Love You Geno.
Love And Light
Cheryl Nichols
11 – I love That type of Music.Its a lot of fun to sing.
12 – Now that’s what i’m talkin about ,awesome mac
13 – Thank you. Im glad I changed your Opinion of me.That makes me wanna try even harder!!
14 – I love making people smile. Thank you.
15 – Thank you traceline
16 – Thank you Bobby Darin was cool.
17 – Every video I watch of yours makes me smile. Always fun to watch… Keep it up and good luck!
18 – Very nice!
19 – I love this song! I have such fond memories of my dad singing this to me when I was little.
20 – Hey YouTube Idol Contestants,

As promised, I will be back to making video commentaries for the Top 12. As a pre-Top 12 commentary to get back in the swing of things, I am posting commentaries via comment. So here’s yours:

Geno1960: I love the sound of your voice. It’s different from everyone in this competition. You’re very fun to watch. Very nice work. 7.5/8.0

21 – Thank you, Im glad you liked it.
22 – WOW Im glad you like it enough to keep coming back.
23 – 5 more*****:))))
24 – omg, i love it!!!
25 – that is hands down my favorite song..thanks for the fun vid..

Donna Summer-American Idol-Mc Arthur Park

1 – Donna summer -60 now and still a legend….no one will remember ANY of these ‘got talent’ wanna beees in 3 months!
2 – Es como si Michael Jordan les enseñara a jugar basket a los aficionados
Ella les ha dado un gran performance a los chicos de American Idol
ES una Leyenda de la Muscia Mundial


4 – totally agree with you….
5 – Damn, you go girl!
6 – I agree with you. Whitney and Mariah CANNOT EVER be on Donna’s level vocally. The reason being is that Donna pretty much sounds the same as the original recording of this song back in 1978 from the Live and More double album.. Whitney’s voice is GONE, Mariah is LAZY. Donna is the consumate modern female vocalist that sounds the same for 35 years. Her voice never cracked or was ever off key or pitchy. Whitney or Mariah had VOCAL problems in the past. No excuses 4 them to have voice problems.
7 – word!
8 – Very few singers stand the test of time/ decades and usually their voices deteriorate. Mariah has had some poor vocal performances and so had Whitney. But it must be said it is very very rare and seldom that Donna Summer has a bad day and I must say that her voice seems to age like a good wine or whiskey. I even think her voice sounds smoother, rounder and warmer now than ever before. She is a goddess of a singer and unparalleled level of deliverance that never disappoints!
9 – I agree!!!
10 – her voiced has aged well, unlike the disco singers that were on Idol tonight.
11 – Still looking beautiful in this clip.
12 – elle chante bien !
13 – Donna Summer joins THEM???? Its the other way around. But you’re right about her being a powerhouse in her day. Strong , clear. The tone of her voice was flawless . It was like the voice of a goddess and she still has that. She’s just older now. But in her day? Wow!
14 – I’ve been watching her since the 70’s and this is the ONLY time I have ever heard Donna not hold a note! One miss in about 4 decades of performing is fucking phenomenal,you go Donna!
15 – Donna Summer joins the ranks of great female vocalists like Whitney and Mariah. Just listen to the original version of this song.. when she was younger. Powerhouse of a voice.
16 – when was this please ?
17 – she is still hot!!!
18 – That’s over 25 years worth of emotions and life experiences added to the voice. I kinda like the way she sounds now. Warmer.
19 – Pretty awesome!
20 – Yes lodewijkie. She still has an amazing voice. Dolly Parton can still sing songs amazingly too.
21 – you mispelled sings in the vid description!
awesome song!
22 – Actually, she can still nail this song…IMHO better then the original recording. Just watch Live and More Encore…for starters. I think for her, she was out of her element. Still amazing though.
23 – It’s still stunning to see that she’s still able to sing this vocally unbelievable difficult song! Maybe not for the fully 100% (the high notes) but, which performer can do this after an original recording dated 30 years?? Point me one singer who can!!! No Donna is one of a kind. Superb, unparalelled.
This legendary voice have to be used as a BIG example to all singers!
24 – Donna Summer has sold millions of records. She’s famous around the world and is an incredible entertainer! I think she can have a weak note once in a while! She recorded a lot of these songs 30 years ago-give me a break. At least we know she really sings when she’s on stage! Donna Summer, almost 60 and she can blow anyone off the stage!
25 – Like legendary Maria Callas once said: “My voice (ie. her voice) is not an elevator”. That applies to all voices, so please stop blaming Donna Summer for this one and only vocal crack. That’s human, may she was tired or I don’t know what. A voice such as hers is UNIQUE AND TO BE HEARD ONLY ONCE IN A CENTURY. She is a true ICON.
Check this out!

Videoke Idol Catherine Joy Vilar

Think You Can Sing? Karaoke Idol Audition # 6 Semi-Finalists

Check this out!