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karaoke Idol revised copy

Heart – “Alone” Caribbean Idol Karaoke Contest

1 – you’re amazing!
2 – could those people just shut up.
3 – wow you’re really good!!!
props to you — and you should really try singing “listen” by beyonce!!
good luck and have fun!!!
4 – Wow, surprisingly VERY impressive performance!!
5 – you are awesome! (:
6 – I hope she won…She sings this better then the original


Lukka Chhupi Rang de basanti Karaoke

1 – acha he
2 – Good attempt !!
3 – well done…!!
4 – hi dear, you really hav very innocent voice. we r just waiting for u to come up with flying colors. keep it up. DEVI
5 – wooow great.
6 – Good! You have a very nice voice and sing beautifully. Keep it up!
7 – i liked this the most.this song is masmerizing.u working very wishes
8 – nicely sung man !…..if you hit some notes right it would have been better…….can you send me the karaoke for this song….?
9 – No I am not learning. I just sing for fun. I compose my own songs.
10 – good attempt bro!
11 – wonderful voice!keep practicing!
12 – Instead of concentrating on the lyrics try to immerse yourself in the song thinking about your loved one and it wud come even well than what it is now..
13 – this is nice, couldnt listen to the whole song as it was breaking.. you have a nice voice.. hmm dnt wanna suggest anything as i am also practicing, just work slow on the harkats you wanna do for this song.. are you learning ?
14 – nice good quilaty of voice
15 – man serously u have a good voice u should go for some competetion like Indian idol.
U only need some good practise and u are readu for playback singing.
16 – a real nice attempt, I particularly like you selection of songs.
17 – nice voice man, y dont u try to go to some competetion….
18 – you have sung well dude!
19 – u have nice attempt..but u have a lot of hard work on A R Rahman notes….and also in sargam….actualy on start when u sang “tere kisson jaisa bhola salona jahan ha…..u lose it… but try to better it…best of luck…i know cords of a r rahman are not easy…but ur attempt is nice…u have chosen a nice song
20 – thanks. please check my other videos too!
21 – thank you. do check my other songs.
22 – Very good attempt buddy. I like it.
23 – keep it up man…all the best

Videoke Idol Catherine Joy Vilar

KARAOKE~IDOL: How contestants can submit song entries

1 – Vera I really enjoyed your video thank-you so much for this and now i know how you can submit a song to this and this was a good video to help new people get in the contest. I hope your doing well i’ll try and call into you and say hello Quadracer687 (Laura)

Canadian Karaoke Idol – Jennifer Drury – Don’t Stop Believing – Rovers Rest – Ajax

Canadian Karaoke Idol – Rick St. James – Bed of Roses – Rovers Rest – Ajax

Canadian Karaoke Idol – Bobby Dickinson – Little Bones – Rovers Rest – Ajax

Puyallup Fair Karaoke Idol Contest Winner 2009