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karaoke Idol Finals Nov 3

David Cook and Michael Johns (American Idol) from O’Donovans

1 – that was pretty much the cutest high five ever :]
2 – cooliness never looked so good before !
3 – Only one more week of the tour…what are we going to do then. It will be like withdrawals for me :( I will miss my Mavid!
4 – Better than any Mavid on the tour. MJ and DC rock!!!! Thanks for the video. Love it!!!
5 – scaredykitten… you crack me up!
6 – Gosh! I love them!
7 – I mean , Michael johns’and David’s friendship FOR LIFE!!
8 – Yes, Merlenea! Mavid took over my LIFE and my WORLD! lol! Michael johns’ and David Cook’s FOR LIFE! I love them.
9 – Simon: “That was like karaoke hell”
Pauler: “But you looked good doing it”
Randy: “Dude…”

Me: “More!!!!”

10 – omg! i was at the concert before they went to the bar. i totally would have gone to the bar if i wouldve known that they were there. at least i got a hug form them b4 the show. we saw them running back from there buses and they waved to us. lol
11 – michael david and carly!! love ya!!!
y’all rock!
12 – Michael Johns Rocks!!We love Michael and David Cook
13 – You were here yesterday saying the same stuff. Can’t get enough of them> I totally understand :)
14 – This coming from a loser in a bloody stink hole? Interesting. LOL *eye roll*
16 – so proud of them being nice and cool bestfriend…keep it up MAVID.
17 – Hey Mr. Bloodystinkhole, (and I’m sure that’s your actual name) do the world a favor and go back to licking your own ass!! David Cook ROcks!!!
18 – bloodystinkhole – Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black!
19 – michel johns were amaazing just was kinda on quit side but he wass best as allways….love mj
20 – MJ and DC are such hottie! Why didn’t Carly get up there!?!?!? GRRR!!
21 – These are two guys who were having a good time. They aren’t so insecure that they can’t show that they care about each other. They know who and what they are, and they don’t freaking care what people like you think. It’s truly not their problem that you have problems with them.
22 – sorry,make that three coments below.
23 – Michael is married, David has a girl friend and the THING two comments below needs to get a life
24 – haha gotta love them im surprised they hav time to do that. but they looked kinda drunk haha were they?
25 – Are they really? I didn’t know that and Micheal being married and all.

Videoke Idol Catherine Joy Vilar

Billy Idol – White Wedding Karaoke

1 – I’m very glad you like it! :)
2 – Thank you, thank you! :)
3 – Absolutely marvellous :O)
5 – Thanks! :)
6 – Brilliant! I love it!

Creating Karaoke Tracks Using Adobe Audition 3.0

1 – lol for some songs, for example Wake me up when september ends – Green Day, it just takes out the whole song, cause they’re recorded on the same tracks :(
2 – cool thanks for the tip
3 – awesome,help a lot, really really clear and step- by- step demo easy to understand
4 – 1st time try and it work perfectly..
but you need to practice(and practice) and explore more to get a better sound for a karaoke..
thanks anyway..
5 – молодцы!!! супер!!! слов нет!!!
6 – it works very well if u have full version
7 – for some reasin this never works with me it just messes up the song
8 – how do you get rid of background vocals?
9 – it didnt work:@
10 – You have to purchase the program to get all functional capabilities
11 – is this guy retarded?
12 – Oh… Then I don’t know what else to do.
13 – I tryed and I couldn’t
14 – For Audio Mix Down, you can also hold ‘Shit + Ctrl + Alt + M’
15 – When I try to save it, I don’t have the option “Export > Audio Mix Down” It’s not available. Can someone help me?
16 – hey, one question, I’m new to this program, when I try to save it, I
17 – WOW man thank you alot man wow thaias is what i’ve been looking for for months man tHANK YOU a =]
..:: Hardtrancer::..
18 – veryyyyyyyyyyy great work , thanx very much for that tutorial , it helped me alotttttt , thanx man :)
19 – i did but it didint work!!!
20 – thanx :)
21 – thanks
22 – either camtasia studio 6 or camstudio
23 – Thanks it realy works
24 – what sort of screen audio recording progmans are there what is a good one ?
25 – yeah it did Thanks!

Apologize Karaoke/Sing Along

1 – Thats the best version of the song ive ever HEARD!
2 – OMG i <333333 it !!!!! the way their voices merge together omg <333333333
3 – i think there really good
4 – au cantat frumose
5 – he should have one im sorry but its true
6 – its very beatuful..
7 – When I watched this I wanted to cry..they make a such a greta and beautiful sound i just cant resist it !
8 – hey i eat poo just like you
9 – its so amazing how they work together to produce such a wonderful sound :)
10 – omg i dont know how archi didnt win AI :( !! but wot ever !
11 – super tari!!! cantat ca niste ingeri!!!
12 – super tari!!!!….au cantat ca niste ingeri!!!!
13 – love them!! ARCIE RULES!!! soo sexy!
14 – Haha….oh, I am…..I am


15 – haha, sing your heart out! haha
16 – Yay! The Karaoke video is up!

**sings along**

17 – your welcome, i’m glad that you like it :)
18 – wow cool!

thanks for upload!

I Believe (English) (Original Girl’s Version) (My Sassy Girl OST)

1 – Your hair is pretty and so are you~
I can’t believe this is your voice, it’s very beautiful
2 – you are good im going to sleep dreaming of you xD
3 – So cute !!!!
4 – I like the voice, but it’s… English : (
5 – 0:08
6 – If you notice she had music when she did that…
7 – Dun-dun…daran!!!
Like Grudge there…hahaha….
8 – love you :X:X so sweet
9 – Seriously? Can you not read? Jebus. >_>
10 – 0:02 scary!!^^
11 – t’es super mignonne ^^
12 – Yes…as I wrote in the description, and have written several times through this cmoment page, the microphone on one computer is better and the webcam on the other is better. But it’s actually me singing, and this is the last time I’m going to say that.
13 – waah! its a lip sync!!!!..hahaha!
14 – 너무 예쁜 ㅋㅋ
15 – very nice version…u have a nice voice
16 – u look like a japanese animation character…!!
17 – i ists you singing???by looking at ur mouth,my singing teacher said that its is impossible to sing so great wif ur mouth closed plus singing is about using ur diaphram,so mus open the mouth big…
18 – Lol , at first i didnt know it was you .
19 – It is her, you guys. It’s just the bad quality of the video. >_>
20 – 오~ ^^
21 – you’ve got a nice voice (^_^)
22 – It is me.
23 – thought it was you! hahaha damn lip sync 😉 ur still cute
24 – Lol the begining
25 – Nice version of “I Believe”. Good job!

karaoke Idol Finals

HIMEKA (異人伝心) Canadian anime song singer in Japan ! (AX Idol Winner & Otakuthon)

1 – She does sing the ending of Tegami Bachi but the one in the video is different
2 – It’s “Valkyria Chronicles”
She sang the theme song “Asu e no kizuna”
3 – 0:30 whats this anime?
4 – She’s such an inspiration…she’s amazing <333
5 – This is the ending of the Tegami Bachi anime?
6 – It’s Mikazuki by Ayaka.
7 – Welcome!^^v
8 – That is totally fine! Thank you very much!
9 – You can find it in my blog. Please look my profile.
1.Visit to my blog.
2.You click 19/sep of calender. will look for the *(red) of 8/18. Click this mark.
#attention. You cant choose alone part of HIMEKA. but all. We cant control, ok?
10 – omg her voice seem so alike
11 – Is there a fuller clip of her singing Asu e no Kizuna live? I’ve found one on here but it’s from a TV rather than the feed itself…
12 – Around one minute, she mentions watching Sailor Moon in High School.

Around 1:20-ish, she mentions anime songs being energetic and “up-tempo” and because she loves anime, she grew to love anime openings and endings.

The song she’s singing at 4:13 is Mikazuki by Ayaka Hirahara. According to this, it’s her favorite song.

13 – I am waiting for her next song. Asu e no Kizuna is really good, so I can’t wait.
14 – Not yet. It is announced soon.
15 – A new song???
16 – wow, man, this is totally sick. <3 Himeka.

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