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Karaoke Revolution American Idol Encore 2 Trailer

1 – thanks for the info ^^
2 – DownLoadable Content …. songs you can download.
3 – sorry what is DLC?
4 – yes, there are more unlockable and exclusive content for PS3 and X360.
5 – how do you play 3 player for ps3 .
6 – Crazy in love by Beyonce
7 – wuts the song that they use?
8 – Thanks for the info, seems like every company wants to join the badwagon. Hopefully E-Amuzement will still be free.
9 – Actually, the previous American Idol game had LOTS of DLC.
10 – Looks Great! But only 40+ songs? That’s kinda of a shame. Looks like konami is about to join the downloable content world…

WINNER Karaoke Revolution Contestant ~ Chicago #743

1 – omg she was my fifth grade teacher!!! too cool. ur awesome ms.d!!!
2 – I love this song and this is my favorite contestent. She’s a good singer. and this is the only video I can watch fully without changing it because of bad singing.
3 – She was awesome, i thought the song was hard, but she nailed the notes and tone of her voice precisely on key. i give her 5 out of five stars
4 – why is paula not there? and you did good
5 – i am so proud of her. she went to see american idol last year too.
6 – i konw shes my favorite
7 – This girl was the Winner

Make You Feel My Love (karaoke/instrumental) Adele version

1 – Thank you sooooo much for this one! <3
2 – hi..i am singing this song at a wedding on saturday but can’t find the adele instrumental version anywhere! can you please email me this version??
3 – Thank You JesseLQ for this beautiful song. If you go to my videos, you will see that I uploaded myself singing to it.
Thanks again.
4 – i like the version of kris allen
5 – Thanks for always providing me the instrumentals of the hits. I’ve covered this song already. Check it out then… Thanks again.
6 – Wonderful song!
7 – If you would take the time to actually read the description you would have seen that it says it’s the Adele (version) originally by Bob Dylan, also covered by Garth Brooks. Do you just troll around pages searching for something you can post a comment about to try and make yourself look smart? I really want to know.
8 – Its by ‘Bob Dylan’ not freekin adele
9 – its beaatiful :)
10 – its better to learn them… but indeed the lyrics go waaaay to fast
11 – love it love it love it <3 and for those who think the lyrics move too fast.. just learn them by heart 😉
12 – I love this song :) How true
13 – lofee itt(L)
14 – Brilliant!
Nice one ;}
15 – this song is really beautifull ♥
16 – wow. can we have the download link please?
17 – gaat veel te snel, en op een geve moment kan ik het dan gewoon niet meer lezen. verder mooi .
18 – lyrics a lil fast but o well this still the best one 😀
is there annyway u could send me he backing ? pwetty plz i need it 4 my gcse music and i cant find it annywhere :(
19 – The best karaoke version on you tube! You only forgot a few words at the end. But it’s forgiven 😉

Thanks! Im lovin it!

20 – love it :) the fact tht the words r a bit faster is makin me remember them quicker :)
21 – zoo mooi! wel snelle tekst ja :p
22 – Mp3 downloader is better 😉
23 – the words ar going to fast =(
the song is beatiful!! =D
24 – 1. Bedek je mond met je hand 2. Doe een wens 3.Close uw hand (vuist) 4. Houd je hand op het hart voor 5 seconden 5. Stuur deze naar 3 meer video 6. Morgen wordt de mooiste dag ooit!
25 – If there is not, you can always use YoutTube Downloader: download the vid and convert it into mp3
Good luck:)

Kelly Entertainment.Week 6 Karaoke Idol contest.Jessica singing ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’.MOD

Kelly Entertainment.Week 6 Karaoke Idol contest.JC singing ‘My Immoral’.MOD

Kelly Entertainment.Week 6 Karaoke Idol contest.Antonio singing ‘Home’.MOD

Kelly Entertainment.Week 6 Karaoke Idol contest.Daniel singing ‘Home’ by Mark Browarrd.MOD

Kelly Entertainment.Week 6 Karaoke Idol.Leah singing ‘Haunted’.MOD

Kelly Entertainment.Week 6 Karaoke Idol contest.CeCe singing ‘Bring Me to Life’.MOD

Kelly Entertainment. Week 6 Karaoke Idol contest.Wren singing ‘A Favor Horse Atlantic’.MOD