Darius – Colour Blind Karaoke

1 – Karaoke has lyrics!
2 – what a wanker
3 – hes in showbiz, no one is who they really are, you just dont like him. eric bana isnt australian then as he is croatan, and bob hope nor cary grant were american either, its just showbiz,,if it helps his areer to be scottish so what,,half of british/american showbiz real names from eastern europe, middle eastern or other exotic places.
i went out with guy who was darius`s double, he was croatan born australian, he had an ozzy accent with those dark good looks, i think it makes darius more sexy
4 – People have a right to change their names and their nationalities that is the way they feel. We are not in the business of dictating to people what to choose.

I have lived over 30 years outside my country I am an Iranian and I will never change my name and when people ask me I always say I am Iranian, that is the way I fee.

5 – l dont think after people around the world watched the green movement in Iran and young Iranians coming to streets and sacrificing their lives for freedom, your comment that Iranians are weak, is utter rubbish .
You must choose your words carefully and dont generalize.
6 – This guy is a complete prick. Him and his dad dont like to be told they are iranian but pretend to be scottish. He should change his hair colour to ginger and change his first name to jim, hes change his surname to cambell. Im not even iranian but hate false nobs. Iranians are weak, turkish dont follow their wives heratige.
8 – can i ask for the old version of color blind by darius? i want to watch it. the one with the lady and the singer it self with the open field full of grass… lolz ahehehe at the start the singer bringing with his guitar and walking in the road. thx. i love that version of color blind…
9 – I love this song
10 – Nice.. thnks fo d upload
11 – I saw him in Tesco a few months ago!
12 – he looks damn cute! love himmmmmm
13 – haha
14 – thanks
15 – Just what I needed.. Haha, this will do.

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