Kelly Clarkson – My Grownup Christmas List (Karaoke)

Look At Me (Karaoke) – Carrie Underwood

1 – i love this i have been wanting to hear the way i sound with out her voice well it is a lil her voice but it still helps!! :) thxs
3 – Try getting it a little better without her voice ?? :)
4 – how do i download ur video onto a cd?
5 – can you try a little harder to make carries voice gone? please! i need this by thursday! (:
6 – @ladeejaydee yea lol
7 – You can hear her singing???

Mou Sukoshi Karaoke Idol

Star 105.5 Karaoke Idol – Gus’ Roadhouse Woodstock, IL

Chain of Fools Cover by Charell Nate

[ENG SUB] [HD MV] MBLAQ – Y (Karaoke, Romanize, English)

1 – so who is the girl?
2 – I love Joon’s part at 0:33 ;]
3 – Mir has a baby face and is childish but he is a great rapper ^^ love you cutie ^^
4 – OMG I love MBLAQ it’s like the first time I saw them I was completely charmed
MBLAQ fighting !!
5 – @chikoneko11 but maths is…harder D: xD
6 – @XueTuKyoto :O make sense! this is just like maths or something LOL xD
7 – @justanne01 for me it does make sense, maybe they asked “Why” and now “Give it to my why” means “Give me an answer” (to the ‘why’) …or something like that xD
8 – @justanne01 maybe asking the person for a reply? :O
9 – Even if you put “why” instead of Y, to me it still doesn’t make sense. “Give it to my why”??
10 – Love the boys and the song is catchy, but what the heck does “give it to my Y” and “Listen to my Y” mean?
11 – leejoon crying, ftw!

i love cheondong and seungho’s parts here… i’m biased i know… loved the song though

so he killed her?

12 – yay thanks so much for posting w/ subs + romanization!! 😀 love the subbing style too!..what program did you use? ^^

waah..this song is so addicting..xD

13 – That move at 2:47 when Mir’s rap end, they’re like all slapping the air or something for some strange reason I always think of one phrase during that part

‘Keep the pimp hand strong’ lol

14 – it Really Is Overr- Dammn.
That was beyond Intense; I Can’t even count how many times i’ve watched this like in the past 3 days – still its incredibblyy Intensee :]

Mblaq FTW uark ,<3

16 – intennnnnnseeeeee!!!!!!!
17 – @ZanyaZalkran it’ means “why”
18 – @whiteazn93 means “why”; it’s one of those chat short word thing :)
19 – @PlexiGlassPrism he probably shot her in the shoulder or something
20 – #LOVEIT
21 – dammmmmnnnn!! it’s sooo gooooood!! so addicting!! and i love it! hahahaha XD i am in love w. dis song!
22 – G.O. shaved?! WOOOOOOW!
23 – joon Is such a great actor and the way he acts is really similar to Rain’s.. waah so addicted to. this song cnt rmmbr d number of times I played it alrdy.. cheondung doong doongie is better off singing than rapping.. MBLAQ fighting!!
24 – im guessing the songwriter couldnt find that right word…… he used Y?

lol i thought Star Wars~laser tag was their concept when i first saw that white/black outfit

25 – O_O Joon looks sexy from 0:22-0:23… Mmm… Mir looks sexy when he raps!
That fight scene between Joon and Seungho was hot! They all looked sexy in this vid!
Damn this vid is AMAZING!

Judy Cox – Queen Of Hearts

1 – oh my goodness shes awesome x did she really die x if she did rest in peace xox
2 – wow she’s really Great,, thumbs up..
3 – what happened to her? god bless..xx
4 – what part or newfoundland and are sangle
5 – I can’t believe that night was the last time we talked, hard to imagine not running in to her when i go back home. Rest in Peace Love :)
6 – amazing voice,wonderful peformance…..may she rest in peace..and hopefully encourage more girls to follow her footsteps..the country world needs more cuties like her
7 – WOW what a singer to bad she passed away she was AWESOME. R.I.P JUDY i play that song everyday just to see her sing that song AWESOME job.
8 – I love this song,
she died!? ;_;
9 – she did a great job! I’m sure everyone missses her beautiful voice. RIP Judy!
10 – i loved to hear judy sing this song, she had a voice that no one will ever forget.. R>I>P Judy! Misses ya lots
11 – awsome
12 – he judy this is brilliant


13 – Yis…buddyjeezuz gotta luv da newfs, you just couldn’t write this stuff
15 – Wow, Nice to see after everything that has happened.She was a very beautiful and an awsome sinnger.Would to have loved to been there to see her perform
16 – … and a really good performance from Judy!
17 – Thanx for downloadin this song … it is a really good song
<3 MMarie

LATELY – videoke idol patrick digo

1 – galing talaga kumanta ^^, Ingats po lagi

-with the guidance of Venus and the blessings of the Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite

Star 105.5 Karaoke Idol – Porter’s Crystal Lake

I’m singing Country – Bless the Broken Road by the Rascal Flatts – American Idol Carrie Underwood

1 – wow galing, can you please make a cover of Kris Allen’s NO BOUNDARIES, please!,
2 – omgod gave me goosebumps!
frikken cutie with an amazing voice!!
3 – You’re totaly amazing!! (:
4 – so sounded like professional , I have watched couple of your upload videos and man, you are awesome ,,, walang sinabi sila piolo pascual at sam milby at kahit si Christian bautista mga bulok ang boses nila if i were you get some help to be on TV sa Kapamilya network… good luck! may comment nga pala ako kung pwede mas bagay sa iyo ang maiksing buhok you will for sure na lalong magiging professional ang dating…. again good luck Bro!
5 – isa na ako sa mga humahanga sa boses mo sam… galing grabe!
6 – nice
7 – Very nice, check out my cover of this song to if you would.
8 – you’re good mate!!!!!really good….
9 – hey! ur voice is good..
keep it up dude..=)
10 – wow ur amazing and i never comment on anyones vidos i wish i could sing half as good as u. amma try to flallow ur lead and get my voiice on u tube if i can stand to sing in front of a cam love ur voice :)
11 – damn ur good how did u do that im a singer to and i love this song ur amazing keep it up
12 – What a bad song D=
13 – Hey! You are amazing! Can you please sing “So close by Jennette McCurdy”
14 – you sounded exactly like the original onee :)
15 – Gosh!Your voice is amazing and i love it!
16 – i love you voice :O <3
17 – FUCK……:D You are amazing
18 – omg i want you to sing at my wedding
19 – hi my gosh.. plz. txt me at this no. 09102890011
20 – this was great! love your voice
21 – Please sing at my wedding!!!! I Love this sing and you made it perfect!!!!
22 – download helper for firefox will allow u to download it
23 – you did a very good job on this song i lovedd itt(:
24 – omgg!! you sound jsut like rascal flatts!! <33333 :] i LOVE ur singing! do you think you could put this on mediafire so we could download it?:]
25 – HOLY SHIZZLE. You’re gurrrdddd (: lmao.
Check this out!