Chrissy Haskell “Mercy on Me” Berkshire Karaoke Idol Finals

Videoke Idol Catherine Joy Vilar

Videoke Idol Catherine Joy Vilar

The Sound of Music – Karaoke Idol 2010

karaoke idol 004

David Archuleta Crush (Karaoke Version) official

1 – Great job, I love it!!!
2 – thx mate :)
3 – Hi. Just getting the word out…David Archuleta has a FAN PACK CD coming to iTunes on June 9th!! It includes A Thousand Miles, his Touch My Hand fan tribute video, and the best song never released (seriously)….ZERO GRAVITY!! This is a “must-have” for all fans, and ZG is AMAZING! Pls support David by buying his music and spreading the word! Tks.
4 – Thanks, it’s awsome
5 – omg this is soo awesome, could u try getting the lyrcis on here too! that would be awesome!
6 – i sing so go on: misspinkchocolate
from france!!
7 – I don’t remember what I used with this one, it was almost 6 months ago, but I usually use Sony Vegas 8. Version 9 sucks.
8 – you made it on Fl studio i’m sure , youre a pro , must of taken some time !
9 – BEST karaoke version thanks alot :) Damn i can hit high pitch now :O
10 – thanks alot !!!!!!!
11 – My problem.. I can’t hit the high notes.I am such a loser.
12 – me 2!! <3
13 – lol you are weird
14 – do u think u can post one with lyrics?
15 – thanx a million!!
16 – i luvv Song!!
17 – The best karaoke version by far
18 – omg! thanks so much! i love this! its for my talent show! thanks!
19 – this version is the Best…
20 – isn’t it somewhat higher? yehey..!

thanks for posting!

21 – nice
22 – thx for posting!
love it!
24 – wow! you downloaded this one or what?
i was looking everywhere and this is the best!
25 – lol.

Robbie Williams Feel – KARAOKE

1 – perfect
2 – Gooooood!!!:)
3 – awesome
4 – excellent great work. Thanks!
5 – XXX good video..keep it up.
6 – very good karaoke
7 – Great!! (: Thank you!!!
8 – cool
9 – thank you
10 – Thank you! This is a REAL karaoke! xD Thank you, thank you, thank you” ^^
11 – Yay! First 😀

Darius – Colour Blind Karaoke

1 – Karaoke has lyrics!
2 – what a wanker
3 – hes in showbiz, no one is who they really are, you just dont like him. eric bana isnt australian then as he is croatan, and bob hope nor cary grant were american either, its just showbiz,,if it helps his areer to be scottish so what,,half of british/american showbiz real names from eastern europe, middle eastern or other exotic places.
i went out with guy who was darius`s double, he was croatan born australian, he had an ozzy accent with those dark good looks, i think it makes darius more sexy
4 – People have a right to change their names and their nationalities that is the way they feel. We are not in the business of dictating to people what to choose.

I have lived over 30 years outside my country I am an Iranian and I will never change my name and when people ask me I always say I am Iranian, that is the way I fee.

5 – l dont think after people around the world watched the green movement in Iran and young Iranians coming to streets and sacrificing their lives for freedom, your comment that Iranians are weak, is utter rubbish .
You must choose your words carefully and dont generalize.
6 – This guy is a complete prick. Him and his dad dont like to be told they are iranian but pretend to be scottish. He should change his hair colour to ginger and change his first name to jim, hes change his surname to cambell. Im not even iranian but hate false nobs. Iranians are weak, turkish dont follow their wives heratige.
8 – can i ask for the old version of color blind by darius? i want to watch it. the one with the lady and the singer it self with the open field full of grass… lolz ahehehe at the start the singer bringing with his guitar and walking in the road. thx. i love that version of color blind…
9 – I love this song
10 – Nice.. thnks fo d upload
11 – I saw him in Tesco a few months ago!
12 – he looks damn cute! love himmmmmm
13 – haha
14 – thanks
15 – Just what I needed.. Haha, this will do.

Worst Singers EVER!!!! (1.28.10 – Day 273)

1 – a tiffany ring? ooh alli u lucky girl :)
2 – once again. Alli almost cuts a bitch….or a douche :)
3 – thumbs down for the comment on country music Charles
4 – thumbs down for the comment on country music Charles
5 – thumbs down for the comment on country music Charles
6 – what Jasiton89 and 777heyman said i love Charles Trippy im gonna start a are own channel kinda like this on video but were gonna do it when he gets a car and i dont know when hes gonna take the test and stuff to get one but were gonna most probably gonna do the vids in florida where were gonna maybe move
7 – Honestly, I dislike when y’all go to party places, it makes me feel less like you. Y’all are still amazing though.
8 – lol it is the rite ring alli
wait in the boz was that a real gun almost looks like a beretta
9 – I feel so so sorry for you cause I love “blue”.
10 – senses fail <3
11 – ” The Charles Trip-pizza”
12 – no boycotting valentines day! its my birthday!!
13 – this has nothing 2 do with the worst singers in the beginning
15 – ad stopped me from watching this video
16 – wooo hoooo bsb
17 – Douche got pwned, Duuur Popped Collar Duuurrerp
18 – she looked like the guy from jumanji
19 – 5:25 … priceless.
20 – this is fukn stupid, like the fuk headz on ere stupid fukz
22 – haha funny she actually fail 4 it …….how cute
23 – @Darkharvest09 It’s called “Sweet Carloline”
24 – aww Zoey was watching tv 😛
25 – hahah her solo was legit

Silvio Gazquez-Summer nights- Guitar Idol 2009 entry VOTE NOW!

1 – @CjsPanchito1 gracias che, la viola es una Fender custom spalted maple HH, y para rabar ese video usé un pod xt live. Entrá a mi canal y mira la otra version de este tema que suena bastante mejor. Saludos!
2 – Che que buen estilo, que buen sonido! Que viola, ampli y pedal de distor usas? Exitos muy groso de verdad!
3 – @DevonStedronsky Right beside email facebook twitter There is a thing that says Save to v… Click that =D
4 – how the hell do you favorite vids on this new utube layout?!?!
5 – i’m really interested in how you get the sound on your videos. I dont have any proffesional recording equipment but i have a computer with my music on it and a camera.
6 – Perfect
7 – how long have you played christ. i wish i could make my guitar produce those sounds :\
8 – I really like his random harmonizations – throws them in without notice – nice.
9 – man! thats smooth
10 – woah
11 – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 – i think you’re a busy man but did you have tabs and the backing track of this song for me? that would be great! =)
13 – i want 2 know how to play this on guitar
14 – What a wonderful piece! And great playing!
15 – i think i can answer this. I think i remember him saying its because its the kind of music he likes to listen to when driving on a summers night – i may be getting this mixed up with another idol contestant
16 – why did you call it summer nights?
17 – LMAO!!! yesss!!
18 – Excelente ojala que te vaya bien en el Guitar Idol, una pregunta de que musicos o bandas sacas tu estilo? por que me gusta mucho.
19 – xkè gottardo in finale e tu no??..boh
20 – OWN, this is beyond amazing
i love the jazz feel to this and the harmonies are great!
keep up the good playing
21 – thanks, yes.. I could say Petrucci and Dream theater are one of my influences…
22 – Hey, are you by chance influenced by John petrucci? Because those chords in the beginning were very Petrucci like ha ha.
23 – Im impressed how dry your guitar sound is on this vid what kind of specs does your guitar have for its bridge, nut, and tuners? as far as I can tell your intonation is perfect and the guitar didnt go out of tune the whole song let me know if you can
24 – belleza man!!
25 – no thats the wrong equation!

Kotzen + Howe + Moore(Vinnie) = Gazquez