Silvio Gazquez-Summer nights- Guitar Idol 2009 entry VOTE NOW!

1 – @CjsPanchito1 gracias che, la viola es una Fender custom spalted maple HH, y para rabar ese video usé un pod xt live. Entrá a mi canal y mira la otra version de este tema que suena bastante mejor. Saludos!
2 – Che que buen estilo, que buen sonido! Que viola, ampli y pedal de distor usas? Exitos muy groso de verdad!
3 – @DevonStedronsky Right beside email facebook twitter There is a thing that says Save to v… Click that =D
4 – how the hell do you favorite vids on this new utube layout?!?!
5 – i’m really interested in how you get the sound on your videos. I dont have any proffesional recording equipment but i have a computer with my music on it and a camera.
6 – Perfect
7 – how long have you played christ. i wish i could make my guitar produce those sounds :\
8 – I really like his random harmonizations – throws them in without notice – nice.
9 – man! thats smooth
10 – woah
11 – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 – i think you’re a busy man but did you have tabs and the backing track of this song for me? that would be great! =)
13 – i want 2 know how to play this on guitar
14 – What a wonderful piece! And great playing!
15 – i think i can answer this. I think i remember him saying its because its the kind of music he likes to listen to when driving on a summers night – i may be getting this mixed up with another idol contestant
16 – why did you call it summer nights?
17 – LMAO!!! yesss!!
18 – Excelente ojala que te vaya bien en el Guitar Idol, una pregunta de que musicos o bandas sacas tu estilo? por que me gusta mucho.
19 – xkè gottardo in finale e tu no??..boh
20 – OWN, this is beyond amazing
i love the jazz feel to this and the harmonies are great!
keep up the good playing
21 – thanks, yes.. I could say Petrucci and Dream theater are one of my influences…
22 – Hey, are you by chance influenced by John petrucci? Because those chords in the beginning were very Petrucci like ha ha.
23 – Im impressed how dry your guitar sound is on this vid what kind of specs does your guitar have for its bridge, nut, and tuners? as far as I can tell your intonation is perfect and the guitar didnt go out of tune the whole song let me know if you can
24 – belleza man!!
25 – no thats the wrong equation!

Kotzen + Howe + Moore(Vinnie) = Gazquez

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